Bird Photography with the Nikon Z9 & Z8 (PDF eBook + Extras) Third edition

A Complete Guide to Using the Nikon Z8 & Z9 Mirrorless Cameras for Bird and Wildlife Photography (Third Edition updated for firmware v4.0)

I'm pleased to offer my complete guide to the Nikon Z9 camera for bird and wildlife photography, now updated with new features in Z9 firmware version 4.0, and the Nikon Z8 camera.

July 6, 2023: Third edition, updated to include new features and settings for the Nikon Z9 firmware v4 and the Nikon Z8 camera.

This printable PDF guide includes all my camera settings and control configurations for wildlife photography, plus detailed descriptions and the philosophies behind them. 

Item includes:

  • Printable PDF eBook
  • Lightroom preset for the Nikon Z9
  • Bird keywords (compatible with Lightroom and Photo Mechanic)

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